Windrush is strong white bread flour perfect for everyday bread baking in the bakery or kitchen. Milled using exclusively premium high protein group 1 wheat and used by bakers all over the UK due to its consistent reliable performance.

Milling and Provenance: Each year at harvest all the different varieties of group 1 milling wheat are tested as soon as they come off the field. These varieties are then tested in our flour lab to access their protein strength, protein quality among a number of other tests. Our Windrush flour is only milled from varieties wheat that reach the top 10% of the criteria for bread baking quality.

Perfect for & Bread Flour Recipes: Bread, artisan breads, rolls, tinned loafs, bread baps, garlic bread, banana bread, wheat bread, homemade bread, yeasted rolls, country white bread.

Matthews Baking Bread Top Tips:
1: Blend with our Wychwood or Canadian bread flour to boost protein for open texture white breads.
2: Blend into wholemeal bread recipes for a lighter loaf.

Contains: Wheat

Protein: 12%

Did you know: The name Windrush was named by Paul Matthews after the river which runs through the Cotswold town of Burford. Several bakers based in Burford use this flour every morning to make artisan bread for the town locals, tourists and even Paul’s lunch.

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Matthews Windrush Strong White Bread Flour

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