Sourdough Starter FAQ

Q: Help - I forgot to do/missed day 4 - is my sourdough starter ruined?

A: No, it’s fine, just carry on where you left off.

Q: My sourdough starter isn’t bubbly like yours, it something wrong with it?

A: No, all starters look different and different flours and water produce different outcomes. Starters do not need to be bubbly, they just need to grow a few hours after they’ve been fed, that shows that they are working.

Q: I added 35g of flour instead of 30g, what should I do?

A: Add 35g water to even it out.

Q: My starter smells so bad it’s taking over my whole kitchen... What should I do?

A: Keep going, this is normal and it will pass.

Q: My starter has teeny tiny bubbles on the surface and isn’t growing... What's gone wrong?

A: Teeny tiny bubbles usually occur if the starter is also thin, which means it’s also weak. See our Starter Guide for more info.

Q: I’m on day 15 and nothing is happening... Is my sourdough starter dead?

A: No, keep going, always keep going.

Q: Is it ruined? Is it dead? Should I throw it out and start again?

A: These are the questions I am asked the most. I find that people often assume their starters are dead, and can be too ready to throw them away. This is such a shame. 99% of the time it's totally unnecessary. Sourdough starters are far more resilient than people realise, and are actually quite hard to kill. If in doubt, always persevere.

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