All Purpose Flour FAQ

Q. What is the UK equivalent of All Purpose Flour?

A: Our Regenerative All Purpose Flour is the closest possible equivalent to American All-Purpose Flour - the difference being that it is made in the UK from British Regeneratively Farmed grain.

Q. Is Plain and All-Purpose Flour the same thing?

A: Typically, it has always been fair to say that Plain Flour is the UK equivalent to All-Purpose Flour in North America, until now... Our UK Regenerative All-Purpose Flour has the same protein content as US All-Purpose Flours, making it strong enough for bread baking, yet still soft enough to be used in biscuits, pastries and cakes.

Q. Is All-Purpose Plain or Self-Raising?

A: Neither - US All-Purpose Flour is technically closer to Plain, in that it has no raising agent mixed in, but actually has a slightly higher protein content than most typical Plain Flours in the UK. Our new Regenerative UK All Purpose Flour has slightly more protein than Plain Flour and slightly less than Strong Bread Flour, putting it right in that best-of-both-worlds sweet spot.

Q. Which All-Purpose Flour is best?

A: At the time of writing this, Matthews Cotswold White All-Purpose Flour is the only UK domestic AP Flour available (as far as we can find). We are looking forward to putting our flour to the test against other providers as soon as we are able to find some.

Q. What is the English alternative to All Purpose Flour?

A: An English alternative to All Purpose Flour has historically been Plain Flour, particularly Plain Flour with a higher Protein/Gluten content. Now there's no need to search for an alternative - just use Matthews newest option: Regenerative All-Purpose White Flour.

Q. What can I use instead of all-purpose flour UK?

A: For the first time, possibly ever, you can now find All-purpose flour in the UK without having to special order from abroad. Matthews Cotswold Flour has launched this All-purpose White Flour, with the added benefit of making it entirely from regeneratively farmed grain.

Q. Didn't you say that Plain is the same thing as All-purpose before?

A. In fairness, yes we have said this - or at least words to this effect. It's through constant conversations with our baking community - from home and pro-bakers through to some of the biggest retailers and bakeries in the UK - that we have come to our slightly revised position on this. We stand by the fact that Plain Flour with a higher protein content has always been the best available alternative in the UK until this point. It is also through the growing demand from our partners and customers that we have invested huge time and resource to develop the UK's first true All Purpose Regenerative White Flour available for all now.