Our New Foodbod Brand Ambassador For Sourdough September

Our New Foodbod Brand Ambassador For Sourdough September


We are very excited to announce the appointment of our very first Brand Ambassador – please join us as we welcome Elaine Boddy from Foodbod Sourdough!

New Matthews Cotswold Flour Brand Ambassador - Elaine Boddy

Already a world-renowned sourdough baker, Elaine Boddy has published three books all about sourdough. She has a huge international baking community and has been a massive supporter of Cotswold Flour for some time already.

Elaine’s recipes and sourdough bakes have all been made using Cotswold Flours, so her wealth of product knowledge is already a brilliant asset in her new role. Knowing exactly how all our flours taste and feel, as well as how best to use them when making sourdough or other recipes, means Elaine can hit the ground running with MCF.

For our home bakers, Elaine’s extensive experience of being a home baker will help her deliver tons of tips and tricks. She bakes everything in her home kitchen, using standard domestic ovens and apparatus. Elaine offers real, straightforward, useable advice for home bakers – from a home baker.

Elaine says: “I am so excited to be taking on this role, to be uniting my sourdough world with a business that I love, and to be formalising my relationship with Matthews Cotswold Flour. I have used and recommended their flours for so long now, I know exactly how they behave in sourdough baking and how to maximise my recipes for home bakers using this great range.

“I think this is a fantastic opportunity for myself and Cotswold Flour, and I look forward to unveiling our new VIP Super Sourdoughers Club – visit the new Sourdough Corner for more details and signup now!”

Elaine Boddy and one of her famous sourdough loaves

Bertie Matthews, Managing Director at Matthews Cotswold Flour, says: “We’ve worked closely with Elaine for some time already, and have always been impressed by her sourdough recipes and expertise. It’s fantastic to have her on our team, and we’re looking forward to creating a ton of new Sourdough content and resources for our home baking community together!”

Elaine has been a part of the Cotswold Flour family for a while now, using our flours in all of her baking. She has supported us tremendously, both online and in person, and we are very excited to be working together to develop an exciting new Cotswold Flour Sourdough experience.

Elaine also hosts a food podcast, The Foodbod Pod, all about food!

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