A Tour Of Our Mill - Foodbod Pod Episode 9

A Tour Of Our Mill - Foodbod Pod Episode 9


Our new Brand Ambassador Elaine Boddy has just released a new Foodbod Pod episode with David Treadway, recorded at the Matthews Cotswold Flour mill.

Elaine and Bertie at the Mill

Join Elaine and David on a tour with Bertie Matthews around our 100-year-old mill. Learn what happens to the wheat grains, from arrival at the mill through to becoming the flour you use in your kitchen.

We use traditional stoneground and roller milling techniques to produce the UK's largest range of speciality flour, so this is a great chance to find out more about this process.

The episode also features an exclusive recipe from Sophie Carey, our inhouse Baking Development Manager, for Danish Lemon Butter Cake (Boterkoek).

You can listen to the latest episode on your favourite podcast platform here:

Elaine, David and Bertie also visit the local FarmEd wheat fields to learn all about the work that our friends at FarmEd do in the Regenerative Agriculture area.

Find out more and see the recipes featured across the series on the Foodbod Pod website here: https://foodbodpod.com.

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Sneak Preview of Episode 9

Check out the video below to see what's to come in Episode 9 of The Foodbod Pod!