Wychwood bakers bread flour is our premium strength bread flour for top artisan bakers around the UK and passionate home bakers. With a protein strength of 13.2% this flour has excellent water absorption and gluten quality. Perfect for open texture breads and sourdough.

Milling and Provenance: Only the top 20% of bread wheats will earn a place in Wychwood bakers bread flour. This is because not all varieties have the same protein quality and well as protein strength. We blend our UK high protein wheat with arguably the best wheat in the world Canadian red spring wheat. Chosen for its unrivalled consistency and quality.

Perfect for & Recipes: Long fermentation baking open textured breads and sourdough breads. Look for more water absorption 80%+ in your dough? Then Wychwood flour is the right choice.

Top Tip:
1: The best way to increase water absorption is to select a high-quality bread flour, if you are reading this then you have just done that!
2: Long Fermentation process further supports water absorption.

Did you know: Wychwood is named after the ancient royal forest “Wychwood” above the very village that Matthews have been farming & milling from for almost 200 years “Shipton-Under-Wychwood”. The Matthews Cotswold mill has the beautiful village as a backdrop from the Cotswold hills.

Protein: 13.2% to 13.5%

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Matthews Wychwood Master Bakers Bread Flour

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