Dark bread flour 13.2% protein for delicious brown bread.

Long Description: Traditional dark bread flour 13.2% protein for delicious brown bread. Produces delicious flavour and textured traditional bread recipes. Ideal for sourdough and rustic loaf baking.

Milling & Grain Provenance: Coarse brown flour with a 90% extraction equivalent to a French type 110. Only a small outer layer of the grain is removed to produce a light brown flour for traditional bread baking.

Contains: Wheat

Protein: 13.2% >13.5%

Perfect for & recipes: Traditional dark bread recipes with a lighter texture than a wholemeal / wholegrain flour.

Did you know? Coarse Brown contains larger bran particles than normal wholemeal flour. This adds texture and a higher fibre content on your bakes.

Top tip: Use coarse brown flour for traditional Irish soda bread.

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Matthews Stoneground Coarse Brown Flour

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