Matthews Cotswold Self Raising flour is a premium grade extra white self-raising flour. Ideal for producing the perfect light and springy cakes, and for general use. Self-Raising flour is a plain flour that contains a raising agent (baking powder) in it to give baked goods a rise. We blend a variety of high-quality soft wheats, adding baking powder to be mixed consistently throughout the flour, to produce the ideal ratio of flour and raising agent. Produces a light and airy flour, silky texture holds moisture in baking. Easy to use self-raising flour with fantastic results every time. One of the “Bakers Core 4” essential for all home and professional bakers.

Milling and Grain Provenance: Our Self Raising flour is made from 100% British wheat grown in the Cotswolds. In the mill added sifting during the milling process allows for a purer whiter premium Self-Raising Flour. Hand selected local Cotswold soft wheats from our Cotswold Grain partnership help create consistency in your bakes.

Perfect for & Recipes: Cakes, Scones, Pancakes, Biscuits, pancakes, crumble cake, cupcakes, sponges, chocolate cake, scones, muffins, tea loaf, Victoria sponge. Any recipe that calls for Self Raising or Self-Rising Flour

Best for: Recipes calling for Self-Raising flour.

Contains: Wheat

Protein: 10.5%

Did you know: Self raising flour or Self-Rising flour in the USA is a mix of all-purpose flour and raising agent. In the USA Self-Rising flour contains salt but generally not in the UK. That Self Raising flour was invented by Henry Jones a baker in Bristol in 1845. Being an innovative baker, he created a way for bakers on board Royal Navy ships to create better baked goods. A year later, Henry was appointed purveyor of patent flour and biscuits to Queen Victoria and in 1849 he gained patent in the USA. Well done Henry our Cotswold Self Raising flour is dedicated to you.

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