Matthews 100% Cotswold Farmhouse Wholemeal flour is a strong bread flour which can be used on its own or mixed with a white bread flour. Our wholemeal flour is a premium grade made from local British high protein wheat. A wholegrain flour produced from 100% of the wheat berry. This is one of the “Bakers Core 4” essential for all home and professional bakers

Milling and Provenance: We have been milling our farmhouse wholemeal flour for over 100 years. In that time, we have kept to the belief that a true wholemeal is made from 100% of the wheat berry. Nothing more, nothing less. We source our high protein English wheat from our local Cotswold grain partnership and collect direct into the mill before conditioning in our 100-year-old pine conditioning bins.

Protein: 13.8>14%

Contains: Wheat

Perfect for & Recipes: Wholemeal bread, wholemeal pancakes, wholemeal cookies, wholemeal flatbread, wholemeal pizza.

Did you know: Farmhouse wholemeal is named “Farmhouse” after its traditional rustic looking loves. Wholemeal flour is not the same everywhere some mills may sift out some of the nutritious bran before bagging up. At Matthews Wholemeal means wholegrain, wholewheat 100% of the wheat in the flour.

Wholemeal baking tips: 1: Add more liquid when baking with wholemeal flour as the flour will absorb more. 2: Blend with Churchill or Stoneground White for lighter loaves. 3: Don’t worry about mixing with wholemeal flour as the bran cuts the gluten strands allowing baked goods to rise.

Did you know? Wholegrain flours are high dietary fibre.

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