Regenerative Agriculture FAQ

Q. What's the point of Regenerative Agriculture?

A: To build a better environment for our future.

Q. How can Regenerative Farming benefit me?

A: Truthfully, in more ways than we can mention here...

Q. Is Regenerative Agriculture just another form of greenwashing?

A: No, but currently there are no nationally or internationally recognised standards to hold unscrupulous organisations to account. We want to change that. Find out how by following some of the links above.

Q. What's the difference between Regenerative Agriculture and Regenerative Farming?

A: Semantics.

Q. Is it hard to implement Regenerative Practices at my farm or bakery?

A: We know a ton of farmers and bakers who have started their journey towards completely regenerative business models. Explore the case studies section to find out more and see how our experiences can help you on your way.

Q. Where do I sign up?

A: The form above will help you get started - we'll be in touch to explore your options and show how you can benefit from Regenerative Agriculture products and practices. You will be helping us shape the future of Regenerative standards for the benefit all - both locally and around the world.