Want to try our new Heritage range but unsure where to start? Look no further than our Heritage Flour mixed box, including all four heritage flours plus our Stoneground Regenerative Strong White flour.

This box includes:

  • Matthews Stoneground Heritage Fifield Light. Milled from heritage British wheats Orange Devon, Holdfast and a Heritage Cotswold variety.
  • Matthews Stoneground Heritage Light Barley Milled from a heritage Barley called Maris Otter. This is a light, slightly golden coloured T80 Barley flour.
  • Matthews Stoneground YQ Wholegrain. YQ ‘Yield and Quality’ is the rockstar of wheat populations. Milled from a diverse, resilient population of wheats.
  • Matthews Stoneground Heritage Broadway. Milled from a blend of wheats grown by the Matthews local Cotswold Grain Partnership.
  • Matthews Stoneground Regenerative Strong White. Milled from regeneratively farmed UK wheat. Regenerative agriculture is a sustainable farming system that focuses on encouraging soil fertility, maximising biodiversity and reducing chemical inputs.
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Heritage Flour Mixed Box

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