Perfect pizza needs the right flour. Cotswold Pizza flour is an award-winning finely milled white pizza flour for pizza dough. This light flour has a superior gluten quality; this supports good water absorption and creates an elastic dough perfect for stretching and holding pizza dough. Matthews Cotswold Pizza flour was the winner of the top prize of 3 stars at the Great Taste Awards in 2020. Check out our @cotswoldflour page on Instagram for inspiration.

Milling and Provenance: Milled from a blend of premium UK hard wheat from the hills of the Cotswolds and Canadian Manitoban wheat from the prairies. The master pizza makers in Italy will often use pizza flour from a blend of European high protein wheat and Canadian wheat. These wheats create flours that absorb considerably more water and larger expansive doughs than many European wheats. In order to provide pizza makers with the consistency and quality, they need our blend of Cotswold pizza flour that combines wheat from both countries.

Perfect for & Recipes: Blend with 20% white spelt flour for an easier to digest pizza dough. For best results, allow a long leavening of 24 to 36 hours at a temperature of 2-3 Celsius. Ensure a pre heated oven and  get creative with your toppings!

Matthews Pizza Flour Top Tips: 1: Bring pizza dough to room temperature. 2: Stretching the pizza dough works glutens in a way that rolling doesn’t. More gluten development better crunch. 3: Don’t worry about shape; artisanal pizza at home should have its own style. 4: Good hydration for Pizza dough is 60% which can be achieved through Cotswold Pizza flour.

Contains: Wheat

Protein: 11.8%>12%

Did you know: Pizza facts: 1: Third of pizza orders include pepperoni. 2: 5 billion pizzas are sold worldwide a year. 3: The Ancient Greeks and Egyptians were cooking pizza like flatbread a while before anyone else. 4: Word “Pizza” is first documented in 997 AD in Italy. 5: October is National Pizza month.

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