Great Taste Award winning selection of 10 traditionally stoneground milled flours and mixes for home and professional bakers milled in the Cotswolds. Stoneground flour is a traditional way of milling that is slower and retains more of the nutritious bran and germ from the wheat. These traditional flours have been selected for their delicious taste and flavour. This Stoneground box Includes:

  1. Stoneground Wychwood Oat Blended Flour
  2. Stoneground Cotswold Spelt & Rye Flour
  3. Stoneground Wholemeal Spelt Flour
  4. Ancient Cotswold Crunch Flour
  5. Malted Cotswold Rye Flour
  6. Stoneground Dark Rye Flour
  7. Matthews Cotswold Crunch Flour
  8. Heritage Bibury Barley Flour
  9. Stoneground Strong Wholegrain Flour
  10. Matthews Cotswold Eight Grain Flour
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Cotswold Flour Stoneground Box

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