Baker of the week – Amanda - Panda Sourdough

Baker of the week – Amanda - Panda Sourdough

Congratulations Amanda – you are our star baker of the week! We have really enjoyed your sourdough journey so far & your wonderful cake baking!

How did you first get into baking?

I was born and grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where ovens are not a common household appliance and I didn’t have one. I relocated to Edinburgh alone in 2017 with my job, and this was the first time I had my own oven in the flat I rented and that’s how I got myself to self-learn baking after office hours.

What is your favourite thing to bake? 

As i’m a self taught, I have put myself to learn all different kind of bakes in the past 3 years. Recently, I have become known to the Instagram community for my signature bakes that are Swiss rolls/cake roll, cupcakes and sourdough.

What advice would you give to someone who is starting out baking?

Persistency – If one would like to achieve certain bake that they want, I would advise them to bake the same recipe repetitively by making only 1 change at one time in order to identify what went wrong; at the same time enjoy the process in learning from mistakes and the feel of accomplishment when the bake is successful.

Do you have a favourite flour to use and why?

Self Raising flour for my cakes and cupcakes as they give a good rise and Cotswold Canadian Strong White & wholemeal bread flour for my sourdough where i could achieve my desired crumbs.

Who inspires you? And why?

Instead of looking for role models, i try to become one. I would love to become an inspiration for people back in my home country (Malaysia), for people around me now and for bakers in the Instagram community

Where can our readers see your photos / recipes? 

Instagram – seeyenbakes and panda_sourdough, Facebook – seeyenbakes

And finally, what do you do with all of your delicious baked goods once you’ve made them? We’d struggle not to eat them all!

We’d struggle not to eat them all! – I personally do not fancy eating sweets (cakes), although I sometimes taste the cakes i baked to make sure they are edible. Usually, my friends in Scotland and my workmates in office benefit the most as well as for charity at “The Yard” in Edinburgh to help raise funds for young and disabled children. During COVID19, I have donated some cupcakes to NHS Edinburgh Royal Infirmary through my neighbour who is a part of the team.

If you’d like to see more from Amanda, please visit @panda_sourdough and @seeyenbakes on Instagram

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