Baker of the week - Mike Rosehill Sourdough

Baker of the week - Mike Rosehill Sourdough

Baker of the week – Mike Rosehill Sourdough

Congratulations Mike – Rosehill sourdough, you’re our Star Baker of the week!

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions for our Matthews Cotswold Flour Baking Club.

1. When and where did you start making sourdough?

I first started in Riverside California (on Rosehill Drive) in 2017. I had been baking bread and pizza for 7 years up to that point, and had tried sourdough, but this was when I went in head first and haven’t looked back!

2. What’s your favourite type of sourdough to make?

I love a fresh crusty sourdough loaf hot from the oven. I usually do around 80/20 bread flour / wholemeal or some whole grain or seeded flour. It’s really hard to beat! A close second is pizza of course!

3. Is there anything you haven’t tried to make yet that you want to give a go?

Pumpernickel! I haven’t played enough with rye and I need to!

4. What advice would you give to someone who is just starting to make sourdough for the first time?

Pick one person and follow their methods. Don’t jump around. Bakers use different terms for things and although they try and make things similar, sometimes it’s just confusing. On that point, don’t get overwhelmed. Keep things basic at first and build a solid foundation, then go from there!

5. How old is your starter? Does it have a name?
Lucille is 4 years old

Nonna is 172 years old. I got her from a friend who’s family has had her since 1849 😱

6. What’s it like working at Ooni?

We get to make products that our customers love which is amazing alone but the fact that the products we make make pizza. Well that’s just awesome. We make products and that help people connect over pizza. It’s beautiful! And it’s an incredible place to work!

7. What was the biggest culture shock of moving from the US to the UK?

As a home baker, flour! I had to learn so much more about flour moving here. My recipes from the states needed to be tweaked as the flour here was different than what I was used to.

8. Do you prefer to make Bread or Pizzas?

Well that’s impossible to say! I bake both bread and pizza weekly. It’s part of the family calendar. I love to share both with others as well. I can’t choose!

9. If you had to choose your favourite Cotswold Flour to use from us which would it be? and why?

Another difficult one! Maybe my favorite 2 or 3? I really love the Canadian flour. It’s the closest I can get in the UK to flour I use at home. I also love 8-grain and Cotswold crunch. One of those 2 are in basically every loaf of bread I make.

10. Where can people find some useful advice and recipes from you?

My Instagram @rosehillsourdough and my website are the best spots! All my recipes are in my ebooks Baking with Rosehill Sourdough and Pizza with Rosehill Sourdough

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