Matthews Cotswold Flour presents: Soil, Stone and Sourdough 2!

Matthews Cotswold Flour presents: Soil, Stone and Sourdough 2!


On Wednesday 27th July we hosted some incredible home bakers and award winning artisan bakers, farmers, media, influencers and Great British Bake Off winners at the Matthews Cotswold Flour Mill and FarmEd in our second year of Soil, Stone and Sourdough!

We showed almost 100 people around with three elements, the first being soil…


The day started off with a farm walk by Ian Wilkson around FarmED talking about soil health and regenerative agriculture. 

Our mission is to tell the story of our full food system and promote regenerative farming methods through our Cotswold Grain Partnership.


We then took everyone for a tour around our Cotswold Flour Mill, built in 1912, with Paul Matthews, Bertie Matthews and Mark Riley.

We wanted to show our guests how the grain is received & tested, carefully milled and then packaged up before being delivered to homes, bakeries and supermarkets across the country.

Back at FarmEd we hosted a brief Q&A, followed by an amazing lunch provided by some of our top bakers who spoke to our audience on their baking journeys and experiences so far.

It is very important for us to taste the end result with our professional bakers using our flour and turning it into some incredible dishes.

Scott’s Pizza Project made us some delicious homemade pizzas in the pizza oven using Cotswold Pizza Flour, whilst Nitsan cooked some delicious pasta with ancient durum wheat and goat’s cheese. We had freshly baked sourdough from Lovingly Artisan, The Forest Bakehouse and William Leet at David Wood Baking, as well as tasty pastries from Hobbs House Bakery, Niche Patisserie, The Street Bakeshop and Sophie Rushton-Smith at The Corner Plot

“It was a pleasure to host so many amazing people. This is just the start of the journey. There is a long road ahead to source and create healthy food for the planet and people. Farmers are doing an amazing job with the Soil. Food producers, millers, bakers and chef have to buy into the journey and create awesome products from RegenAg systems.” - Bertie Matthews, Managing Director of Matthews Cotswold Flour

If you want to learn more, come and visit the mill, Real FarmEd or even your local farmer! 

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