Traditionally stoneground milled light Rye flour type 997. This flour is a lighter grey colour than dark rye and by comparison produces lighter rye loaves. Some of the bran has been sifted out during the stone milling process. The flour is a lighter colour than medium or dark rye and still contains minerals and vitamins found in the bran and germ. The dough is easier to work with and is not as dense.

Milling and Provenance: Light Rye flour is stoneground milled from centre of the Rye kernel at a lower extraction resulting in a lighter flour. This Rye flour is low in protein than wheat flours. In Germany Light Rye is classified as Type 997. Our rye flour comes direct from our local Cotswold Grain partnership farmers near Stow-On-the-Wold.

Protein: 8%

Contains: Rye grain

Perfect for & Recipes: Lighter rye bread recipes, rye crepes, cookies, biscuits, pancakes.

Did you know: The number 997 comes from the German flour grading system and refers to the “ash” content of the flour. Rye is actually a grass and is part of the Poaceae “true grass” family. Rye is also used in Canadian whiskey!

Top Tip: 1: Use correct quantities of water. 2: Over mixing dough will destroy delicate proteins. 3: Spelt flour is more soluble than wheat so you may need less water.

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