Matthews Cotswold Crunch flour is a speciality blend of strong bread flour, malted wheat flakes and malt flour for bread and rolls. The flour has a nutty taste and a signature darker colour. This flour is extremely popular due to its flavoursome, malty aroma with added texture from the wheat flakes. Great Taste Award winner.

Milling and Grain Provenance: Matthews Cotswold Crunch flour is blended with malted wheat flakes. Malted wheat adds a delicious texture, taste and smell when added to flour. Malted wheat contains insoluble fibre which helps us digest food more easily.

Perfect for & Recipes: Hearty full flavoured great tasting artisan breads. Blend 25% with Spelt for a lighter loaf. Sourdough Bread, Cotswold Crunch Bread.

Top Tip: Lighten up your Cotswold crunch bread with our Light spelt to pack your next tasty loaf with added fibre or use 10% Rye and 10% spelt a three way artisanal blend.

Contains: Malted Wheat Flakes, Maltone, Stoneground Dark Rye

Protein: 12.7% to 13%

Did you know: The history behind this type of flour supposedly goes back to Benedictine Monks of Burton Abbey. They were said to have accidentally discovered, while experimenting with a brewing method, that malted wheat flakes improved the flavour of their bread enormously! What we can tell you is Cotswold Crunch makes a delicious loaf.

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Matthews Cotswold Crunch Dark Flour

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