6 Reasons why everyone you know is baking during self-isolation

6 Reasons why everyone you know is baking during self-isolation

Many people have taken this time to hone their cooking and baking skills and explore new recipes that they didn’t have time to attempt when they were busy with their lives.

Iona Courtenay-Warren and Robert Allen, two of our wonderful customers, are baking away at their homes during this isolation period.



There are a number of excellent benefits of baking at home during this self-isolation time and here are the six key reasons:

1. Use it as exercise

From making dough to standing on your feet, baking at home is a great way for you to get off your bed or couch and stop watching favorite docuseries or movies and get active for a few hours.

While baking isn’t considered an aerobic or intense workout activity, it’s a good way to incorporate some physical activities into your daily lives.

2. Maintain or Improve Mental Health

Those who experience mental health challenges find baking a creative outlet and a way to relieve stress.

More, baking can help ease the presence of sad thoughts, according to John Whaite, the winner of the “The Great British Bake Off”. He has publicly stated that baking has helped [him] manage his mental health challenges.

Donna Pincus, associate professor of psychological and brain sciences at Boston University, also says that when baking, “you’re not spending time ruminating over your thoughts, we know that rumination leads to depression and sad thoughts, if you’re doing something productive. And the nice thing about baking is that you have such a tangible reward at the end and that can feel very beneficial to others.”

We are definitely in an unprecedented time and we could all take up on an activity that helps us focus on a simple task that will deliver great joy afterwards (baked goods of course).

3. Reduce risk of going to grocery shopping to purchase food

It’s recommended by global health officials that people need to minimize human-to-human interactions and exposure to one another to flatten the curve. While we must go to the grocery to buy food every two to three weeks to restock, we can reduce the frequency of visiting the local grocery by baking and producing our food. For example, you can purchase our French Strong Patisserie to bake your own croissant or our Strong White Flour to bake your own panini.

4. Minimize Food Expense

Our 16KG French T55 Flour is only £20.32 (before taxes and shipping) and you can use it for baking bread and baguettes for several months, if not more. If you’re trying to minimize the cost of living amidst the current global economic calamity, making your own baked goods is definitely the way to go.

5. Learn a new skill or explore a new recipe

When life was busy and you were juggling between working at your job, taking care of your family and everything else in between, you may not have the time to explore new baking recipes or mastering your baking skills.

Now it’s your chance! Since we are all likely to be home for the next while, you can take this opportunity to bake all different types of goodies you’ve always wanted to try.

We have a grand list of recipes for our new and avid bakers – check out our baking recipes!

6. Help Others In Need

If you know people or if your neighbors have difficulty accessing grocery or food sources, make sure to drop off a few extra baked goods at their doorstep! Your love and support is what your community needs the most.

Julie Ohana, a licensed clinical social worker and culinary art therapist, says that “[i]n many cultures, in many countries, food really is an expression of love, and it’s actually beautiful because it’s something we really all relate to. I think it could border on an unhealthy issue when it replaces communication in the traditional sense, but if it’s done along with communication, it is absolutely a positive and really wonderful thing.”


If you want to get your bake on, come shop at our online flour store and have the flour delivered to your doorstep! We carry Plain Flour, Self-Raising Flour, Organic Plain Flour, 100% Canadian Strong White Bread Flour, and more!

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