An Ooni isn’t just for summer!

An Ooni isn’t just for summer!



If you’re a committed foodie or pizza pro, you might have an Ooni pizza oven at home. It’s such a treat to be able to enjoy great pizza and a beer in the sunshine - although maybe you find that it collects dust over the winter months. There is so much you can do with an Ooni, it’s just about finding the right applications and thinking outside of the box!

The first and most obvious thing you can do with your Ooni in the winter, is make pizza! Even if it’s dark and cold, you can still get out there to make your favourite pizza recipes. Just make sure it isn’t raining, as this could damage the oven. The pizza oven is so hot that you stay toasty anyway if you’re the one nominated to do the cooking! 

Here are some other ideas for using your ooni in the Winter:

  • Bake bread: The ooni is the perfect tool to bake off a loaf of sourdough. For rustic loaves you want a very hot temperature and plenty of heat coming from underneath so the stone will guarantee you a great crust. You can even adjust the heat for smaller rolls or focaccias.

  • Grill meat or fish: Bring a smoky flavour to your classic meat/fish recipes by cooking them in a cast iron skillet pre-heated in the Ooni. This will create a sizzling display for a sense of theatre.

  • Char veggies: Similarly to meat or fish, vegetables can be cooked in the Ooni for a great chargrilled taste. I like to roast off halves of aubergine in my Ooni for curries or dips.

  • Skillet cookies: Fill a cast iron skillet with your favourite cookie dough and leave it in the Ooni to bake most of the way through. Top with ice cream and dig into the gooey goodness!

  • Roasting marshmallows: While you have other items baking or cooking, why not roast some marshmallows? You’ll need a tasty snack to tide you over anyway! Just be careful to keep them far enough out of the oven.

  • Sweet and sticky baked apples: A perfect snack or dessert for bonfire night! Core one apple per person and fill with dried fruits and honey or golden syrup. Wrap in tin foil and place them into the Ooni in a skillet on a lower temperature - you can even do this as you turn the oven off and let the residual heat cook the apples for an energy saving dessert. 

We will be getting our Ooni’s out this Pizza Week - February 2023… with a warm coat on too!

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