Know someone who is looking to get into Sourdough bread making but doesn’t know to start; then look no further. This combination box includes 5 bags of flour and The Sourdough Whisperer by Elaine Boddy from Foodbod Sourdough. Included are Elaine’s, tried & tested flour – 2 x Churchill Premium Strong White, 1 x Stoneground Strong Wholegrain, 1 x Wholegrain Spelt Multipurpose & 1 x Cotswold Crunch Mix.

Partner your book with the perfect box of flours. This box includes the exact flours that Elaine used in her kitchen to test and bake the recipes in her book - Churchill Premium Strong White, our Stoneground Strong Wholegrain and our Wholegrain Spelt Multipurpose. Plus, the box includes a bag of Elaine’s favourite flour Cotswold Crunch which can be used to make many of the recipes in the book, including the…

Baby Master Loaf page 72, the Baby Master Wedge Rolls page 74, the Master Recipe Sandwich Loaf page 77, the Master Recipe Bundt Pan Loaf page 81, the Master Enriched Sourdough page 91, the Cinnamon and Raisin Enriched Bundt Pan Bake page 100, the Half-Milk, Half-Water Baby Master Loaf page 116 - just to name a few!

Plus the Churchills white, wholegrain and wholemeal spelt flours make great starters using Elaine’s guide and steps in the book.

Who is Elaine Boddy?

Elaine is a self taught sourdough baker, author and recipe developer. More details and more recipes, using our flours can be found on Elaine’s website.
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