Renowned sourdough “whisperer” Elaine Boddy shares her best advice to help home bakers understand the breadmaking process and master a wide variety of sourdoughs with confidence.

All your sourdough questions answered, plus 40 endlessly versatile recipes in the sourdough world, where recipes and methods can get really complicated really fast. Elaine Boddy keeps it simple.

This all-in-one handbook shares her best tips, tricks and troubleshooting tools for show stopping sourdough success. With practical solutions to every obstacle―whether it’s a busy schedule, slow-to-grow starter or over proofed dough―Elaine proves that everyone can bake beautiful, delicious sourdough with confidence. Once you’ve got a handle on all things starter, dough and timing, dive into baking with 40 delicious recipes. Learn to use your starter in dozens of different ways, from buttery jam-filled rolls to crusty seed-studded loaves. Try fool proof formulas for ciabatta, baguettes and pizza, and enjoy flavourful creations like Turmeric and Onion Seed Sandwich Loaf or Apricot and Almond Babka Loaf.

Elaine’s practical approach shows how you can manipulate a few simple master recipes to create any kind of shaped, filled or seeded bread you wish. Gorgeous photography with every recipe means inspiration for your next loaf is only ever a page-turn away.

Allow Elaine to guide your sourdough journey, and, along the way, you can even become your very own sourdough whisperer.

Please note we recommend ordering this book with some flour as shipping for this book is free if ordered with a 5 or 10 box of flour, or £6.83 if ordered on its own.

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