A premium master bakers strong patent white bread flour. 12>12.5% protein delivers a finely milled consistent naturally strong bread flour. This flour is a very white due to its low extraction %, short patent flour produced from the very centre on the endosperm and is the whitest type of flour. This allows for good gluten developing properties.

Milling and Provenance: Patent flour is a pure, high-quality flour made from the centre part of the endosperm. Finely milled from a blend of high protein hard wheats from the Cotswold town of Burford and blended with premium Canadian red spring wheat. Described as a short patent flour as it is milled from hard wheats. This flour has a much lower extraction than standard bread flour. This combination produces superior water absorption and easy kneading and baking qualities.

Perfect for & Recipes: Perfect for hand or bread machine. An excellent strong white bread flour for buns, yeasted pastries or muffins.

Protein: 12.5%
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Matthews Burford Patent White Bread Flour

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