New flour unveiled for 2021!

New flour unveiled for 2021!

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with their loved ones! With the departure of 2020 and the arrival of a new beginning, we’re ecstatic to announce the arrival of five new flour products! The new flour is brilliant for all types pastry, bread, spaghetti, and everything in between! Check them out!

1. Churchill strong white bakers flour


Churchill Strong White Bakers Flour is an extra strong high protein bread flour. The flour is finely milled from a blend of high protein hard wheat from the Cotswold village of Churchill. Churchill Strong White Bakers Flour contains a 12.8% protein which supports the rise and structure of your bread. The four is perfect for hand and bread machines. You can blend this flour with Stoneground wholegrain flour for a richer and more complex flavour!

2. Organic stoneground light rye

Matthews Cotswold Organic Light Rye is perfect for lighter rye recipes without the density of a dark rye. Rye flour is stoneground milled from the centre endosperm of the rye berry. Matthews Cotswold Organic Light Rye can be used for delicious organic rye breads and blends for sourdough recipes, crackers, and savoury snacks that have a darker denser character.

Rye flour is immersed in nutrition because rye is said to be high in core vitamins and minerals such as fibre and manganese. If you are looking to lower your gluten intake, rye would be a great choice to integrate in your diet because rye is has a lower gluten content than wheat. Rye is often referred to as a “Super Grain” due it heart-healthy high fibre content.

3. Organic stoneground wholegrain rye

Our Organic Stoneground Wholegrain Rye is milled from certified organic rye farmers. We keep 100% of the wholegrain in this flour to maximise the nutritional boost from the germ, bran, and endosperm. Organic Stoneground Wholegrain Rye is perfect for scrumptious organic rye breads as well as blends for sourdough recipes, crackers, and savoury snacks that contain a darker denser character.

As mentioned above, rye is incredibly nutritious because it’s high in natural fibre and iron and contains lower gluten content compared to wheat. For those who want to consume fibre and iron while minimizing their gluten intake, baking with Organic Stoneground Wholegrain Rye is an excellent choice for you.

Traditionally, rye is referred to as an Ancient Grain. Rye can thrive on the hills of the Cotswolds thanks to its naturally deep routes that can maximise the capture of nutrition in the soil. The farmers diligently and carefully select organic rye in every stage of the harvesting and flour production process to assure its every rye is certified organic.

4. Organic white spelt flour

Organic White Spelt Flour is a lighter ancient grain spelt flour that has a beautiful nutty and slightly sweet flavour. This spelt flour is ideal for recipes calling for spelt or wheat. Spelt flour is often used to replace “all-purpose flour”. You can also use the spelt flour to blend with baking recipes, specifically loafs. Being a light grain, baking bread with spelt flour produces a softer and tender loaf.

Spelt is brilliantly healthy because it’s high in natural fibre and is an excellent source of protein and micronutrients such as calcium and vitamin E.

5. Organic stoneground wholegrain spelt

Matthews Cotswold Organic Wholegrain Spelt flour is traditionally milled from 100% of the spelt grain. Similar to Organic White Spelt FlourOrganic Wholegrain Spelt flour also offers a beautifully nutty and slightly sweet flavour to enhance your baking recipes.

You can use Organic Wholegrain Spelt flour for any recipes that require wheat flour or all-purpose flour. You can also use Organic Wholegrain Spelt flour as a blend for a variety of baking recipes. As mentioned above, you can use spelt flour for baking loaf because you can produce a softer and tender loaf using spelt flour.Ready to get your bake on? Shop at our online flour shop and select your favourite flour for your next baking session!

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