What is granary flour?

What is granary flour?

Granary is a registered trade name of Rank Hovis Ltd. It is used to describe their malted wheat grain flour, which contains malted wheat flour that gives the flour a characteristic texture. Granary flour is equivalent to our Cotswold Crunch, Organic Cotswold Crunch, and Ancient Cotswold Crunch. These three flours are ideal for baking a variety of delicious breads! Learn more about these three unique, premium and rich flours in this blog post!

1. Cotswold crunch

Cotswold Crunch is a specialty blend of strong white flour, malted wheat flakes and malt flour for bread and rolls. This flour is incredibly popular for being flavoursome with a malty aroma and added texture from the wheat flakes. You can use Cotswold Crunch to bake a traditional hearty and full-flavoured bread or tasty loaf that delivers a texture and taste similar to baked goods made from granary flour.

2. Organic cotswold crunch

Organic Cotswold Crunch is a premium organic strong white flour combined with malted wheat flakes. Organic Cotswold Crunch is perfect for delicious traditional organic bread recipes. The flour is milled in the Cotswolds from carefully selected certified organic wheat.

Matthews Cotswold have supported organic farming for over 30 years. Baking with our organic flour, such as the Organic Cotswold Crunch, means that you have chosen to support nature, protect the environment, and promote sustainable farming.

Organic Cotswold Crunch flour is ideal for baking organic bread and rolls!

3. Ancient cotswold crunch

Ancient Cotswold Crunch pioneers an artisanal blend of three unique Ancient Grains. The distinctive flavours of whole grain Emmer and Einkorn combined with Cotswold Spelt Flour have been blended with torrefied spelt flakes. This blended flour provides a distinct Cotswold Crunch flavour with the power of three ancient grains. Ancient Cotswold Crunch is incredibly healthy because it is abundant in natural fibre from spelt combined with Emmer. In addition to this, ancient grains are nutrient-rich and, in their whole grain form, add unique complex flavour to your bakes.

A tip for baking using Ancient Cotswold Crunch: you can leave your dough to proof or “retard” in a fridge overnight to develop the flavours of the grains in the dough. Doing this will make the dough easier to handle and score before baking.

Ancient Cotswold Crunch is brilliant for bread recipes such as crisp breads or hot cross buns.

If you are searching for “what’s granary flour?”: granary flour refers to flour that contains malted wheat grain flour to give it a characteristic texture. If you are looking for “granary flour” or “granary flour UK” online, look no further. Youn use our fabulous Cotswold Crunch, Organic Cotswold Crunch and Ancient Cotswold Crunch for any recipes that require granary flour because these three flours deliver the same texture, richness and other characteristics of baked goods that use granary flour. If you are looking to buy flour online, check out our online flour store!

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