Buy plain flour online: 6 key benefits you should know

Buy plain flour online: 6 key benefits you should know

Online shopping isn’t applicable to only retail or professional services but also food. With the continued improvement of web technology and eCommerce, you can now order food products online and have food items delivered directly to your doorsteps with a few simple clicks on your computer! At Matthews Cotswold Flour, we’re always at the forefront of technology and we’re continuously exploring new ways to use technology to provide utmost service to our customers! By shopping on our online flour shop, you can easily purchase plain flour online at the convenience of your home and have the flour shipped right to your home for your next baking session! Here are the top four reasons why you should buy plain flour online:

1. Convenient

A major benefit of buying plain flour online is the convenience online shopping brings. You can comfortably shop for flour online while relaxing on your sofa. Moreover, you can shop at a time most convenient to you since our online flour shop is open 24/7. You can take your time to read through all the nutritional information of plain flour alongside brilliant recipes or pastry that you can bake using plain flour.

The checkout process is also fantastically seamless with online shopping. To buy plain flour online, simply enter your debit or card information to checkout or use PayPal and your transaction is complete. The only thing left is waiting at home for your strong plain flour to arrive!

2. Safe

Due to the current health condition, it’s imperative that we maintain social distance, remain safe in our bubble, and minimize our exposure to the public. Oftentimes, it’s not the best idea to shop at a local grocery store to buy flour for your next baking session. Shopping for flour or other types of food at a grocery store can make you inadvertently be in contact with other customers or objects such as a pushing cart or door handles contain an abundance of bacteria or germs. It’s much more ideal to shop online to purchase plain flour for your next baking session!

3. No impulse purchase

We’ve all done it. We’ve all made impulse purchases when we’re waiting at the checkout for the cashier to complete the transaction for the customer ahead of us. In addition, more often than not, the items that we buy in an impulse purchase are healthy snacks or items we don’t need at home. Purchasing these items is inadverse to our health and financial well-being. A brilliant way to avoid making these impulse purchases is shopping at a specialty online store such as an online flour store. By shopping at a specialty online flour store, you can solely purchase flour you need and won’t be distracted by snacks!

4. Choose from different flour types

At Matthews Cotswold Flour, we carry a wide range of flour types and different types of plain flour. Our plain flour types include:

  • Cotswold Organic Plain Flour: Our white organic plain flour with a multi-purpose use is milled from a blend of the highest quality soft organic wheats to a fine consistency and rich in flavour. This plain flour can be used for making pastry, cakes, shortbreads, sauces and many more delicious sweet and savoury products.
  • Cotswold Plain Flour: Our white plain flour with a multi-purpose use is milled from a blend of the highest quality soft wheats to a fine consistency and rich in flavour. This plain flour is brilliant for baking pastry, cakes, shortbreads, sauces and other types of savoury or sweet baked goods!

In addition to plain flour, we also carry other flour types such as self raising flour, wholemeal spelt flour, or dark rye flour for you to choose from.

5. Send Gifts Easily

Sending gifts to relatives and friends in the UK from our online flour store is easy, no matter where they are. All the packaging and shipping is done for you. Whether you want to send plain flour as a birthday or general gift, you can purchase and send the flour easily from our online flour store. To send flour to your relatives or family, simply enter their address in the checkout page.

6. Buy directly from the mill

Buying directly from our online flour shop means that you’re buying straight from the mill. This prevents you from potentially fake items that often exist on online marketplaces such as Amazon or Facebook Marketplace.

Now that you know the benefits of buying plain flour online, what are you waiting for? Shop for plain flour online at our online flour shop and have the plain flour delivered right to your doorsteps!

7. Opportunity to mix and match

One of the biggest benefits from ordering flour online is that you can choose from the full selection of Cotswold Flour so you can try lots of new flavours and experiment with the widest choice of Matthews Cotswold Flour. Our Mix & Match boxes mean you can order in multiples of 5, so pick your favourite flours in 5, 10, 15 etc.

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