Our Italian Tipo 00 flour is ideal for Italian style pizza bases. Finely milled white flour producing elastic dough with great hydration and lightness. Perfect for Pizza and Pasta baking. Blended from carefully sourced authentic Italian Ancient Durum wheats. The wheats from Italy are then milled in the Cotswold by the Matthews family

Perfect for & Recipes: Pasta & Pizza dough.
1: Use extra virgin olive oil
2: Blend with Semolina to help the pasta hold its shape.
3: Make the dough by hand using eggs in a bowl and flour. Mix by hand until it turns into a sticky ball. Leave for at least 30 minutes at room temperature. Roll with a large rolling pin or even better a pasta roller.
4: Dampen your hands with water before working the dough.

Protein: 11.2%

Health: The mill is still run by the 8th generation of the Matthews family. Today the Matthews source ancient varieties of durum and bread wheat direct from farmers in Sicily and Abruzzo Italy. These varieties are unique to their region and have the own taste characteristics.

These distinctive wheats are then specially blended and finely milled in the Cotswolds. Only the innermost of the whole wheat berry is used to produce a truly fine white “Doppio 0” pizza flour. Our Tipo 00 flour is the top winning flour in the great taste wards 2020. Perfect for extensible lower gluten pizza dough with a crispy crust.

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Matthews Tipo 00 Pizza Flour

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