White Spelt flour is a smooth white flour milled from UK grown ancient grain spelt. This flour is much lighter in feel and easier to work with than wholegrain ancient grain flours. This flour produces light easier to rise breads with the distinctive nutty and sweet spelt flavour. Spelt is a highly nutritious and healthy option, compared to wheat, it is packed full of fibre. Cotswold Spelt is a perfect all-purpose healthy baking flour that produces delicious bread, cake and biscuit recipes.

Milling and Provenance: Spelt was first cultivated 6000 to 9000 years ago. It is referred to as an ancient grain along with Einkorn and Emmer the other “Farro” wheats. Matthews work with spelt farmers around the Cotswold and UK and collect the “hulled Spelt” and then share a de-hulling plant at one local farm. The spelt is then collected by the mill and conditioned in our 100-year-old pine bins before being milled into different types of spelt flour.

Protein: 11%

Contains: Spelt

Perfect for & Recipes: Spelt Bread, Spelt sourdough pizza, Spelt wraps, Spelt scones, Spelt muffins, Spelt crepes, Use in replacement to all-purpose flour.

Alternatively blend 20% spelt into your wholegrain flours for added flavour and to make a lighter loaf.

Did you know: Spelt is also know as farro grande in Italy, “Dinkle wheat” in Germany and the French call it “wheat of the Gauls” hulled wheat and has been cultivated for the last 6000 but possibly 9000 years. Spelt is actually hybrid of emmer and wild goat-grass. It is a not as old as its ancestors Einkorn and Emmer but has been arguable more consistently used throughout time.

Matthews Spelt Flour Top Tips:
1: Use correct quantities of water.
2: Over mixing dough will destroy delicate proteins.
3: Spelt flour is more soluble than wheat so you may need less water.

Flour Number: 15

Flour Type: Bread Flour

Flour Type Detail: White All-Purpose Flour

Origin: Great Britain

Farming Method: Regenerative

Grain Type: Spelt

Milling Method: Roller

Health: Good source of vitamin B2, manganese, niacin, copper, phosphorus, protein, and High Fibre, Unbleached, no extra additives, Non GMO.

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