The new Stoneground Mixed Box is now here!

The new Stoneground Mixed Box is now here!

We’re incredibly delighted to announce that the new Stoneground Mixed Box is now here!

By purchasing this mixed box, you can enjoy your favourite flours:

  • Stoneground Ancient Cotswold Crunch
  • Stoneground Heritage Bibury Barley
  • Stoneground Malted Cotswold Rye
  • Stoneground Cotswold Spelt and Rye
  • Stoneground Wychwood Oat Blended Flour

Stoneground ancient cotswold crunch

Pioneering an artisanal blend of three unique Ancient Grains, the distinctive flavours of whole grain Emmer and Einkorn combined with Cotswold Spelt have been blended with torrefied spelt flakes. This flour provides a distinct Cotswold Crunch flavour with the power of three ancient grains.
Perfect for: Bread recipes with a unique flavour from 3 ancient grains.

  • Top Tip: Proving or “Retarding” in a fridge overnight will develop the flavours of the grain in the dough. It will also make the dough easier to handle and score before baking.
  • Healthy benefits: High in natural fibre Spelt combined with Emmer. Many ancient grains are nutrient rich and in their wholegrain form add unique complex flavour to your bakes.
  • Milling & Grain Provenance: Emmer, Einkorn and Spelt are three of the oldest grains in the world, some varieties are 10,000 years old. They are the original domesticated wheats, and in their true ancient form are untainted by modern modification. These three grains are often referred to as “farro” grain. Farro Piccilo (Einkorn) (Piccilo = Small) (The grandfather of all grains) Farro Medio “Emmer” (Medio = Medium), Farro Grande “Spelt” “Grandson” (Grande = Big). The ancient grains are conditioned in 100-year-old handmade traditional pine wood grain houses.
  • Protein: 12.5%

Stoneground heritage bibury barley

Bibury Barley is a blend of a Cotswold Heritage Barley and local high protein wheat to boost your bread baking recipes. This flour produces traditional light golden breads with toasted barley flakes which gives your bread a wholesome crunch.

  • Perfect for: Unique bread baking with a slightly nutty flavour.
  • Top Tip: Substitute with a local honey instead of sugar in your bread recipes.
  • Milling & Grain Provenance: Our barley is a unique blend of Heritage Barley that the Matthews family used to buy for malting barley for local breweries. Today 60 years later we blend this with our local wheats, traditionally milled through our stones named Marmaduke and George to produce a wholesome nutty flavour and exceptional rustic looking breads.

Stoneground malted cotswold rye

Cotswold Malted Rye is a wholesome malted rye flour with rye flakes and creates a dark and rich dough packed with flavour. The stoneground wholegrain rye retains its nutritional value from all three parts of the rye grain for improved nutrition and taste.
Perfect for: Traditional country bread recipes.

  • Top Tip: Try this rye with a sourdough bread recipe and a long fermentation time to allow the flavours of the malted rye flakes to develop.
  • Healthy benefits: Our trusted traditional stones Marmaduke and George mill 100% of the whole Rye grain to ensure all nutrient rich elements of the grain are maintained. Rye is rich in fibre and helps to support the digestive system. Rye also contains more iron, potassium, and sodium than traditional wheat flours.
  • Milling & Grain Provenance: Malted rye flakes are stone ground milled into a special rye flour. The rye grain is grown locally by Cotswold Grain Partnership farmers in Stow-on-the-Wold.

Stoneground cotswold spelt and rye

A delicious blend of Wholegrain Cotswold Rye & Cotswold Light Spelt flour. We’re excited to bring you a lighter wholemeal blend flour from two nutritious grains. Our Stoneground Spelt and Rye delivers a mild, nutty dark flavour.

  • Perfect for: Wholemeal bread recipes, great for sourdough bread recipes with the enhanced flavour of Spelt & Rye working together.
  • Top Tip: If you want to make a batch, we recommend freezing the loaf to use another day.
  • Healthy benefits: Spelt is high in fibre which is important for managing cholesterol. Fibre in Spelt can help you to digest food faster. Rye is also rich in dietary fibre, which increases the viscosity of food mass. This all helps make the bread feel lighter to eat and digest.
  • Milling & Grain Provenance: Spelt is sometimes referred to is “Farro Grande” (Triticum spelta) is one of the three original Ancient Grains. Spelt has been cultivated for over 5000 years. “Grande” refers to the fact the grain is bigger then Einkorn and Emmer. We combine this high fibre grain with one of our favourites, Rye. Our Cotswold Rye grows well on the windy Cotswold Hills around Stow-on-the-Wold and doesn’t mind if temperatures are not exactly tropical. This rye grows very tall and has a longer route system allowing for more nutrients to enter the plant.

Stoneground wychwood oat blended flour

This is a speciality blend of Whole Grain high fibre Oats and Oat flour is blended with high protein British grade 1 wheat from the Cotswold Hills.

  • Perfect for: Delicious oat bread and roll recipes.
  • Top Tip: Best to consume your beautiful Wychwood oat loaf the day of baking or next day for toast! Try honey in your recipe for an enhanced flavour. If you do want to make a batch, we recommend freezing the loaf to use another day.

Health benefits:

  • Milling & Grain Provenance: Wychwood Oat is named after the ancient royal Wychwood forest which gave its name to the village where the Cotswold mill has been for over 100 years.(Shipton-Under-Wychwood). Paul Matthews created this flour when experimenting with his honey oat bread recipe in the 90’s. Today his son Bertie has brought this flour back for the Cotswold Baking Club to try.

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