The Cotswold Flour Soil, Stone and Sourdough event

The Cotswold Flour Soil, Stone and Sourdough event

Matthews presents Soil, Stone and Sourdough

On Tuesday 27th July, we hosted an event at FarmED and the Cotswold Flour Mill with lots of wonderful farmers, home bakers, journalists and professional chefs in attendance.

Here’s a personal message from Bertie:

“A huge thank you to all those who attended what was a really fun, incredible event. It was fantastic to see the journey of our daily bread from the soil and the importance of soil health, to the farm and how important different farming methods such as regenerative farming are. I loved showing everyone around the mill – it was a great opportunity for me and I love what to do. The professional bakers showed great examples of what you can do with our vast range of flour – from heritage pasta, to sourdough pizza and sourdough breads, and much more. 

We look forward to future events and meeting more of the Cotswold Flour Baking Club members.

All the best,
Bertie Matthews”

A photo round up of the day:


We started the day Farm Ed, with Ian Wilkinson talking to the group about the importance of healthy soil, and sustainable and regenerative farming methods.




Followed on by a tour of the Cotswold Flour Mill by Managing Director, Bertie Matthews. Bertie is very passionate about what he does and showed how all of the different varieties of flour are milled, from stone milling to roller milling.





We ended the day back at FarmED with a talk from our super star sourdough baker Elaine Foodbod, and sampling some of the delicious food and bread from our top professional bakers including sourdough pizza, bread and heritage pasta.



We had such a fantastic time meeting everyone and we really look forward to welcoming more of you to the mill in the future.

If you are interested in visiting the mill in the future and finding out more, please leave your details in the box below and we will get back to you with dates of future tours.

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