Our new Stoneground Flours have won more Great Taste Awards!

Our new Stoneground Flours have won more Great Taste Awards!

We are so excited to announce we have won more Great Taste Awards this year for our new Stoneground flours!

Great Taste is the largest and most trusted food & drink accreditation scheme. It supports and promotes food & drink producers, large and small, giving buyers and food lovers in the UK and overseas reliable recommendations for great tasting food, and we are so pleased to announce our 2021 Great Taste awards for some of our new flours!

Check out the raving reviews we have received for our new flours!

Malted cotswold rye

The flour made a soft dough which rose readily and produced a perfect loaf with a distinct and intriguing aroma. The bread had a substantial crust and crumb, both very enjoyably chewy, with an excellent mouthfeel. It was also an exceptionally delicious loaf bread, robust and nutty, and with a long, satisfying finish. In all, we found it a very good eating experience indeed.

Stoneground ancient cotswold crunch

This combination flour made a good soft dough which rose well and made a perfect loaf with a good crumb and crust. There were just enough spelt flakes to supply visual interest and attractiveness both to the crust and slices. The taste was excellent and interesting, and the bread gave a very good mouth feel and finish. A very solid two stars.

Stoneground Heritage Bibury Barley

This flour made a rather stiff dough which required much extra water, but the dough rose well and made a good looking loaf. On slicing, the colour was slightly grey and the texture tended to be dense and chewy, although open textured. There was a very gentle aroma. This flour clearly makes a different kind of bread, more dense and chewy than with most other breads, and with a flavour that is also something different. Some people may well find it especially attractive. The flour certainly did in the end produce a perfectly decent loaf.

Stoneground Wychwood Oat

This flour produced a very soft, springy dough which baked into a well-risen, perfect loaf of bread. It had a good texture and a good crumb and a pleasant aroma. The taste was interesting and characterful, with some complexity, thus making very enjoyable eating.

Cotswold Spelt and Rye

The dough was easy to handle and rose well, and made a perfect loaf of bread with a good crumb and crust. It had a very gentle aroma, a mild but interesting taste and substantial texture, and in all made for pleasant eating.

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