From Chipping norton to Banbury

From Chipping norton to Banbury

On the 3rd October 2016, we began warehouse operations from Beaumont Road, Banbury. Our last delivery from our Chipping Norton warehouse was made on Friday 30th September, and the move was completed in record time, having only taken over the Banbury site on September 16th.

The warehouse has allowed us greater storage space and enables us to run a smoother goods-in and goods-out system. 

The move took a great deal of organisation and with the support of several companies working within the tight deadline, we are fast becoming an efficient machine, striving to provide the company with a high service level. The warehouse staff worked around the clock to ensure a timely completion. They deserve a huge amount of credit as they have shown how much pride and passion they have for the company.

Improvements will continue to be made to ensure we provide the best possible service that our customers deserve.

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