The Foodbod Pod has landed!

The Foodbod Pod has landed!

The podcast all about food, by food lovers, for food lovers.

The ‘Foodbod Pod’ podcast is all about food; a total celebration of food by food lovers, talking, making, sharing and eating food with other food lovers!
Enjoy Elaine talking to home cooks and bakers, food producers, food writers, recipe developers, food bloggers, professional and home chefs and cooks, and people associated in the food world.

Elaine and David

Your hosts, Elaine and David


What can you expect from the Podcast?

Your hosts, Elaine Foodbod Boddy and David Treadway are joining an array of guests, in their home kitchens, to talk to them about their food loves. They will be talking to home cooks and bakers, food producers, food writers, and many other people involved in the food world, and will be asking them all for their top tips in the kitchen, what they love to make with leftovers, and sharing recipes from their kitchens, all whilst talking about their food journeys and food loves. Each episode can be listened to on all of the major podcast platforms, you can also watch the guest episodes as they were being recorded on The Foodbod Pod YouTube channel, and find written details of the recipes on the website.



“I am so excited and so proud to be partnering with Matthews Cotswold Flour for my podcast, The Foodbod Pod. I have loved Cotswold Flours for many years, and always use the flours in my sourdough baking, and always always recommend them to bakers. I love everyone and everything about the company, and for me, this partnership is a wonderful and perfect culmination of all of this.

I am so grateful to Bertie for listening to, and loving, our idea for this podcast, for supporting it and enabling us to talk to all of these great guests, and for sharing this ride with us.

Happy baking, and happy listening everyone!” - Elaine


Elaine Talking

“At last Elaine’s Foodbod Pod is out; I am very excited to hear a wide range of monthly podcasts on all things food. She has got some incredible friends joining, with some amazing stories, lots of great tips and fabulous recipes.
Perfect easy listening, on a walk, in the car or at home cooking!”

Bertie Matthews, Managing Director, Matthews Cotswold Flour


Elaine meets with Bertie Matthews

In Episode 3, Elaine meets with Bertie Matthews and Sophie Carey


Elaine with Mathews and Sophie

Join Elaine and David as they bring you the latest episode of their fabulous food lovers podcast, The Foodbod Pod. Hear Elaine’s inspirational interview with our very own managing director, Bertie Matthews, Elaine is also talking to Sophie Carey, our Bakery Development Manager, AND to top it all off, sharing Sophies recipe for cheddar and jalapeño pretzel bites - this episode is packed with so much brilliance, we really hope you enjoy it.

Find episode 3 of The Foodbod Pod on Podbean, Spotify, Amazon and Google, plus many other podcast platforms:

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Or find more details on the Foodbod Pod website:

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