Scott’s Festive Brussel Sprout, Bacon and Cranberry pizza recipe


  1. Weigh out the flour, water, salt and yeast then add the flour and yeast to your mixing bowl.
  2. Turn on your mixer to incorporate the flour and yeast together and begin to gradually add 95% of the water until it has all come together and formed a rough looking ball. This should take 2-3 minutes.
  3. Cover with a tea towel and let the dough rest for 20-30 minutes. This will help the flour to absorb the water.
  4. After 20-30 minutes, add the salt to the rested dough with a splash of water and turn the mixer back on. Gradually add the remaining 5% of water and mix for approximately 7-9 minutes until the dough is smooth. If you have a thermometer it’s a good idea to check the temperature of the dough at this stage. The dough should be 21-23°C.
  5. Turn the dough out onto the worktop and form into a ball. Cover the dough and let it rest for a further 15 minutes.
  6. After 15 minutes, lift the dough off the worktop and fold it over a few times before shaping back into a ball. This will increase the tension in the dough giving you a stronger structure and make the dough much smoother. When the ball is formed, transfer to an airtight container and let the dough ferment at room temperature for 18 hours.
  7. After 18 hours the dough should have risen considerably. Remove from the container and divide into three equal sized portions.
  8. Using your hands, form the dough portions into tight balls. If you find the dough to be a bit sticky, rub a little bit of olive oil or water onto your hands.
  9. Transfer the dough balls into lightly oiled individual containers for six hours at room temperature. Adding the oil will help when you come to remove the dough balls from the containers and maintain its round shape.
  10. To make the sprouts, preheat your home oven to 180°C then remove the tough ends and outer leaves of the sprouts before cutting into halves and parboiling for 2-3 minutes (you just want the sprouts to have started to soften). Transfer the sprouts to a baking tray and drizzle with olive oil and sea salt before baking for 15-20 minutes. If you want smaller pieces, once cooled, cut the sprouts into quarters.
  11. While the sprouts are baking, fry the bacon lardons until they are just starting to crisp (they will crisp up even more in your pizza oven) and set to one side to cool.
  12. When the dough balls have rested for six hours, fire up your pizza oven aiming for a stone temperature of 430-500°C.
  13. Tip out a dough ball onto a floured worktop (I like to use fine semolina flour) and cover with some extra flour. From the centre, carefully push out to form a one-inch crust rotating regularly to maintain the circular shape. Pick the dough up and hang it upright over both sets of your knuckles and begin to rotate the dough through your hands allowing gravity to stretch it out. Once the dough is evenly stretched to about 11 inches, scrape most of the semolina flour to one side and place the dough back down onto a floured pizza peel.
  14. Add the fresh mozzarella, sprouts and bacon lardons before a final drizzle of olive oil.
  15. Launch the prepared pizza into your pizza oven and cook for 60-90 seconds turning regularly to achieve a nice even bake.
  16.  Remove the pizza from the oven and transfer to a serving board before adding some cranberry sauce. I like to warm the cranberry sauce up with a bit of hot water so it can be added as a drizzle.
  17. Cut into 6-8 pieces before serving.
Thank you to Scott from Scott’s Pizza Project for this amazing Christmas recipe!

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